I just paced my house for 30 minutes and kept bursting out laughing and then stopping and I feel like if my life is a tv show people must think I’m so crazy which I am!! also I keep singing in my head “I’m just a crazy kind of girl. I’ll tell it to the world” I need to go to sleep

this is me af lmao like my sister or someone will ask ‘what did u do’ after a few hrs have passed n they never believe when i say nothing i was just walking arnd like i space out n dont rlly realize hrs r passing while i just pace n pause to act out the scenarios in my head like something i would be v concerned abt if i was a celebrity would be being recorded when i was alone cause i talk aloud n like act n everyone would think i was nuts n turn me into a meme a mean meme

i tired to flirt with this fine af guy the way ive seen illustrated 4m in movies n such n i just started talking i asked if he worked here the school that was close cause he was wearing gym clothes n caring a ball so i assumed he was a gym teacher/coach n he said no n i thought oop damn he must be an old lookin high schooler so i asked if he went to school here n he looked v confused n i suddenly remembered i was at an elementary school not a high school like i was literally there to play on the playground with my nephew so i laughed really hard n just run away 

i actually do not trust ppl who appreciate/like/enjoy chuck bass in any way it makes me feel unsafe when i see that pop up on ur blog

'skinny ppl aint got shit to be proud of' 'skinny ppl aint shit' recurring thoughts

this morning i like smashed my nephews leg in the freezer? i let him sit on top of the fridge for funsies n he loves it when i pretend to bump into things i used to do it when he was younger n crying for no apparent reason n later when he got an owie that’d be my go to to get him to stop crying n it always worked n now he’s older he asks me to do it sometimes n i always say no i dont feel like i mean it gabriel it’s no fu- n then i smack into the wall n he loooooves it like now when i say no like i rlly dont want to i dont like to i usually rlly hurt myself cause i want it to look good n i miscalculate but he gets soo excited he says ok n starts smiling real big like i kno he’s expecting it n the more i say i mean it! im not joking! the more excited he gets clasping his hands n shaking with it n its sooooo cute i have to n anyway he asked me to do it today n i did a ton but i “accidentally” smashed his leg but like it was so weird i bumped into the fridge on purpose n i saw his leg was inside the door beforehand? but for some reason i didn’t like make the connection that i would smash his leg if i bumped into the door? it was so weird n he laughed but kinda grabbed his leg n i realized n i felt v guilty n dumb n asked if he was ok n apologized n he said ‘i okay’ n i was like no ur not r u sure i cant believe i did that it was an accident n he was like ‘it’s okay i fine’ n i was like ‘omg im so stupid’ n he was like ‘no ur not ur beautiful now do ur funny joke’ anyway i got off track but he is v smart n sweet but is there a name for that cause it happens a lot like when u notice something but it doesn’t ‘connect’ until later i dont know what the fukc im talking abt im rlly tired n i jrfnjrjr im just pressing keys   

"if u lost like 60 pounds you’d be getting hollered at all the time" "let’s play with those congas" "u a c? no a d?" "she hires pretty fat girls" "you know what men find most attractive? backs but not yours it’s too lumpy" "that’s disgusting" "be a lady" 

Fifth Harmony's reaction once the interviewer asked them if they thought 'feminism' was a bad word